Round poles

Unvarnished or varnished wooden round poles

Bois Tourné Aquitain makes round poles, for gymnastics or walking, in unvarnished or varnished wood.


Diameters : 22 mm to 28 mm with a tolerance of 0.2 mm
Lengths : 300 mm to 2,400 mm, with a tolerance of 0.2 mm
Wood varieties : PEFC maritime pine, PEFC beech, other varieties to order
Pole shapes : round or fluted, - for other shapes, please ask us for a feasibility study
Tips : flat, rounded, pointed, rounded and drilled, other (please ask us)
Varnishes : unvarnished, matt or glossy varnish, waxed effect, blue, white, grey, anthracite, green, oak, blond oak, cherry, all RAL®/Pantone® colours to order
Round pole for walking


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