Our Expertise

An expertise unique in Europe

Innovation has always been essential to Bois Tourné Aquitain. We have developed a unique expertise in quality machining, plastic injection moulding and the use of natural biodegradable thermoplastics.

Precision machining

Our machines are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to produce round poles on an industrial scale and with great precision (to a tenth of a millimetre). Our machines enable us to offer you machining of excellent quality at competitive prices.

  • Cross-sectional view of a pine maritime handle
  • Cross-sectional view of a pine maritime handle

Plastic injection moulding

An expertise unique in Europe allows us to inject polyethylene plastic directly onto wood. The advantage of this process is that the resulting tips, attachments and screw threads are of very high quality, and the strength of the mounting is unparalleled. Unlike mounting systems involving staples or nails, plastic injection moulding carries no risk of injury, and has a strength that can withstand the toughest applications.

  • polyethylene plastic made tip
  • polyethylene grains
  • polyethylene plastic made screw threads

Natural and biodegradable thermoplastics

This type of injection moulding uses a natural material instead of polyethylene plastic. This natural thermoplastic is made from starch, and offers properties similar to the plastic traditionally used. It is strong and of high quality, and the injection process is safer, with the advantage of using a material that is natural and biodegradable.

  • biodegradable thermoplastics made tip
  • biodegradable thermoplastics grains
  • biodegradable thermoplastics made screw threads