Bois Tourné Aquitain, main French producer of round poles

Leading manufacturer of handles, turned items, stakes and poles for the brush, tool, furniture, leisure and toy industries, made from certified wood.

A family tradition of producing round poles

Bois Tourné Aquitain is a family company based in Casteljaloux, in the heart of the Landes forest, near Bordeaux. Three generations of directors have been growing the company since 1950, with the same goal: customer satisfaction.

Two factories produce nearly six million turned items, handles and stakes every year. Each model is tailor-made to meet the precise specifications of our customers.

Bois Tourné Aquitain, main French producer of round poles

Certified wood and innovations

Bois Tourné Aquitain has focussed on quality and innovation from the very beginning: development of specific machines and processes, manufacture of tools in-house, certification of our woods. The company has developed an invaluable expertise in quality machining, with a unique process for plastic injection moulding on wood. This technique allows us to make plastic screw threads, attachments and tips that are tightly bound to the wood, extremely strong, and secure (no staple or glue).

Working with a natural product like wood, environmental protection is extremely important to us: since 2005, Bois Tourné Aquitain has obtained PEFC certification.

Likewise, we have developed a natural starch-based thermoplastic to replace polyethylene plastic for injection moulding. This material has the advantage of being very strong while also being biodegradable.

Bois Tourné Aquitain has obtained PEFC certification

All our products are made in our factories in France, and our suppliers are local, meaning we can guarantee perfect traceability and flawless quality.